"I often struggle with "treating myself" to experiences just for me.  I wonder-shouldn't I spend the money and the time on something with the kids and for the kids?  Giving myself the gift of taking your SUP yoga class was the BEST GIFT I think I've ever given myself.  I felt so relaxed and more grounded in myself than I have felt in a long time.  I felt empowered and proud for achieving poses with my post baby body that I haven't attempted since before I was pregnant.  Your style of teaching is quiet and serene - and I mean that in the best possible way because for the first time in my yoga practice, which has spanned decades, I felt a delight in my body.  A true delight in what I was doing.  An appreciation for each pose and my time in it.  The constant noises we all hear in our busy lives fell away.  I was within myself.  And I loved every minute."

Nydia S.

Wilton, CT

"From her opening meditation to her final namaste, Michelle's instruction enhances everyone's practice!  I have started and stopped yoga for over 20 years.  Michelle has been able to bring me to a place where I am able to get past my limitations and truly achieve the practice and sense of well-being I've longed for. Michelle brings an extraordinary understanding of the body and spirit which is reflected in her attention to  tailored class plans, thoughtful meditations and beautiful music selections. She is passionate about learning and deepening her own practice and sharing her knowledge and journey with her students. Practicing with Michelle is the best gift I have given myself!"

Nancy L.

Westport, CT

“Michelle's fun and knowledgeable teaching style will get you out of your head and pushing yourself towards expansion. She radiates a charming energy that will help ease you into even the most challenging of postures. Her passion in her own practice and life is inspirational and you'll feel it in her class. I look forward to practicing with her!”

Loren D.

Norwalk, CT

"Michelle is a gifted teacher, with very strong focus on form and alignment.  Each time I have attended her class, I have received valuable instructions or refinements to a pose that has helped me deepen my practice.   Her love of teaching yoga is evident in the joyful environment she creates in her sessions."

David R.

Stamford, CT

"I love practicing yoga with Michelle!! She is knowledgeable about the practice of yoga and the human body. She is passionate, insightful, warm and patient. She comes to class prepared, often with a beautiful poem that leaves you thinking and pondering its meaning. I immediately felt connected to Michelle. She has a beautiful presence, and you are drawn to watch her demonstrate yoga poses. She makes it look effortless and graceful.

Michelle listens to your ailments and aligns the practice accordingly. I have taken both private and group classes with her. After class, I feel invigorated yet relaxed, rejuvenated, and well stretched. The stiffness I might have felt at the beginning of class is gone. I feel charged to tackle my day!"

Anne S.

Westport, CT

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