Like stars of light we are all beautiful and unique. We are each of us stories of ancient stardust that are told with our bodies, our breath and our heart. In each of our journeys, within each chapter, each page, each word - there is a moment that is waiting for us to arrive. Sometimes we arrive into these moments in community, and sometimes alone with the unbridled honesty of our own breath.


If you are new to yoga, a private lesson is a perfect way to dip your toe into the practice. Working together I will guide you at your own pace, answer your questions, modify poses to match your unique experience, and give you personalized attention and alignment specifications that are specific to your body and goals. Private lessons are the best way to bring your practice to the next level so that you can enjoy group classes safely and with confidence. 


If you are a more experienced practitioner with a regular practice, a private lesson is the ideal way to gain insights into your practice that will evolve you to the next level. Together we will explore more challenging poses, move you past blocks that you may not be able to see on your own, and apply more advanced alignment instructions to get you deeper into poses.


Or maybe you simply prefer to practice in the privacy of your beautiful home! You can schedule your lessons at the time and day that fits your into your busy life. What better way to explore your most precious residence, your body; than to practice surrounded by the beauty you love, your home.  

Does your valuable time feel more special shared with a friend, a spouse, or a group of friends you adore in a a semi-private or group session?  In a fun and healthy way, deepen your practice to connection together. Have a yoga experience that perfectly aligns with your needs and goals, and that perhaps can’t be addressed in a studio group class. 


Private lessons can be arranged at a yoga studio, your home, your office, or maybe even your garden, the beach or a paddle board (weather permitting!)


Contact me HERE for more information. I can’t wait to hear your story.