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Fall in Love with your Breath

With the arrival of Spring we are opening the windows to let the sweet, fresh air in - cleansing and revitalizing our homes. As curtains flutter and energy circulates, we feel brighter.

The same fresh air that cleanses and brightens our homes, also cleanses our bodies.

The lungs are one of the organs - along with the skin, the intestines, the liver, and the kidneys that support cleansing our bodies of toxins. As we inhale we bring in fresh oxygen to be transported through our blood which supports the metabolism of the cells. Exhaling we release carbon dioxide which is a waste product of the cells.

Researchers at Stanford University have shown that the breath center of our brain has a direct link to the brain’s arousal center - establishing scientific proof that how we breathe can reduce anxiety and stress. The neurons found by Mark Kraskow showed that “if we can slow breathing down , as we can do by deep breathing or slow controlled breaths, the idea would be then that we don’t signal the arousal center, and don’t hyperactive the brain. So you can calm your breathing and also calm your mind.”

As our mind is able to gently land on our breath, and our body relaxes, we activate the para-sympathetic nervous system. Our body functions are physiologically available to perform tasks designed to rest, heal and digest. Our body is able to cleanse and release.

This week, fall in love with your breath! Take it out for a walk in the sunshine. Explore with it in pranayama practices like alternate nostril breath, or Ujjayi (Ocean Breath) to balance your body and mind. Give it a gift of aromatic, healing essential oils. Allow it to dance in your chest giving it space to expand and contract and massage your heart. Set it free and watch it come back to you again and again.

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