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I opened two gifts this morning

It is so easy to get caught up in the big sweeping effects in our lives - they grab our attention with their drama, bright colors and loud noises. But what about the more subtle inner landscapes that wait quietly for our attention. How often do you pause to notice the simple gifts that arrive in to your life everyday? Just waking up in the morning and opening our eyes. Simply taking a breath. Receiving a warm hug. Observing the deep range of blues of the sky. Opening our eyes isn't limited to the act of seeing shapes in front of us - we see where we place our attention with our heart, our breath and our devotion.

I opened two gifts this morning - and they were my eyes. Can you allow this to resonate within you? What does this mean to you and how can this shift your perspective on what you see in your life? In this season of shopping for gifts, and the often obligatory act of giving and receiving - consider that simply opening your eyes and really seeing the person in front of you could be the most generous gift you could give them. This does not mean you have to agree with everything you see, but to simply hold a place for them and allow what is to be. And maybe also consider that in doing so, by opening your eyes, you are also allowing for your own inner light to shine out - to be seen, to be received and to be held.

Now, if only Tiffany’s could wrap this beauty up in one of their classic turquoise boxes…….

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