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Halloween and dark shadows

I woke up afraid this morning. Halloween and dark shadows. Transparency between the seen and the unseen. New moon in Scorpio connecting us to the mysteries of our ancestors and what is veiled in darkness. In this moon we find the cycle of endings that lead to new beginnings. In this Halloween we find the Hindu goddess Kali. She is fierce. She is the goddess of revolution. She is the paradox of both what binds us and what sets us free. She is the force that will brings your shadow out into the light so that you can make no more excuses.

Our darkness shows us our light. We can’t have new beginnings without endings. We are evolving spheres of energy, burning away and uprising, shedding and regrowing, ripping at the seams and re-weaving. This dance either brings us to our core, to our knees - or it hardens us, freezes us into something so familiar that we feel the illusion of safety. If you are going to live a life on the surface, you will stay on the surface wearing a mask.

At our core, the place that we all long to arrive back to is love. Love isn't something that we feel, it is our true nature. Love is the Shakti, the energy that builds us. It flows in our veins from our ancestors, from generations of birth, death and rebirth. We are simply burning away and shedding over and over again little pieces of the ego, leaving trails of skin so that we can uncover our truest nature. It is uncomfortable. It is a giving birth.

This is the nature of revolution. It dissolves everything in its path that can be destroyed and leaves only that which cannot. It is messy. Kali shows us that it is necessary but it is beautiful. It is life affirming. We must confront the dark in ourselves, and in the others, in order to transform the world.

What do you need to shed? What illusions do you hold onto so that you can feel unafraid? This is Halloween. Let the ghosts out to dance the boogie woogie around a fire and into which you have offered something that you no longer need. Allow yourself to feel afraid without running away and instead look deep into the source of your fear. See the dark night as the velvet wrapping around the gift of the bright day to follow.

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