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I am, I am , Iam

I have spent a good part of the last week breathing. I breathed while I slept, while I worked, while I daydreamed, while I brushed my teeth, while I fed the cat, while I folded the laundry, and while I hugged my children (something that often takes my breath away!) Breathing is not optional. We all breathe. We breathe from an ancient place deep down in a part of the brainstem called the medulla. It was the first part of our brain to form when we were still evolving out of the ocean onto dry land. It is primal. It is subconscious. It is instinctive.

We breathe and we plan our lives. We breathe and we believe that if we put down that phone, or we don’t respond within a minute to every ding and tweet, or don’t post that photo on instagram that we are disconnected. We believe that we are paying attention, but underlying all of this activity is a subtle layer of anxiety. This anxiety is an genuine expression of our feeling separate and disconnected. It shows itself by freezing our breath in our throats, or playing with it like a cat teasing a mouse. It is a swirl of air spinning and capturing all of the superficial energies and frequencies that pull us away from our bodies, our lives and even our hearts.

Your heart rests snuggly between your lungs and the top of the diaphragm. With every inhale and exhale the muscular diaphragm elegantly lifts up and down, and your heart is massaged by its rhythmic movement. In breathing we are essentially caressing our own heart. How beautifully efficient. How remarkably reverent.

When we find ourselves falling into that abyss where we stop paying attention to our lives, it is time to turn towards to our breath again - to the subtle tide of inhales and exhales, to the salty humid caress of the earth. Float on the current of the collective consciousness. Connect with the ebb and flow of your inspiration. Recognize yourself in the mirror of each contraction and expansion. Consciously soften and deepen the transition from inhale to exhale, and back again. Acknowledge that the more authentically you arrive into your own visceral body, the more you veritably arrive into and connect with the world.

Take a deep breath. Listen to your heart. Can you hear the whisper?....…....... I am, I am, I am.

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