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Magic. We think that it is an illusion beyond explanation. We think it is a power that is derived from supernatural and mysterious energy. But what if magic is actually not an illusion at all, but the simple art of paying attention? Paying attention with such awareness that we actually begin to drop into a space where we see things that maybe challenge our belief system, yet we stay open to accept these observations as being real.

What if magic is stepping out of time as we know it and accepting that things do happen - but in their own divine timing….. and within the laws of physical nature? What if magic was as simple as saying please and thank you every morning when you wake up?

Magic lives in that intimate place we find when we pause, look, listen and connect. The miracles of life are right here - right in front of us, and we sometimes or often do not see them because we are too distracted or maybe we just don't recognize their magnificent amazingness because they seem too small or ordinary. Simply taking your next breath is magical, if you pay attention. Loving another human being, or your sweet dog, or the beach that you have visited every year since you were five years old - this is all magical.

If you want a magical life, you need to ask yourself - what do I really want? And then you need to go out and make it happen with hard work and passion. This is magic - paying attention to a dream, a desire, and love that will carve your way into into your future. Real magic creates and breathes and lives in our hearts, when we love something enough to make it real.

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