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Full moons, eclipses and Saraswati

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of fluent intuition, creativity, communication, writing, wisdom and the arts. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun - so does art reflect and awaken the aliveness and light of life. Saraswati rides out of the river on a swan, playing a lute called a veena, her pale skin glowing radiant with the reflection of the moon,. Her whole essence vibrates with music. She is the eloquent goddess of the river and just as a river flows, so should our lives.

With this week's full moon, eclipse and the arrival of the fall equinox we are again reminded of our connection to the rhythms of the natural world. When we let go and allow ourselves to move with the natural path of out lives without resistance, we discover more connection, trust and creativity. There is a feeling of spaciousness * light * awareness.

What in your life do you wish to awaken and illuminate?

When you sit quietly and just breathe, where do you feel a sense of spaciousness in your body? Where do you feel lighter? Do any reflections of the light within surface to evolve into intuitive thoughts and creative visions?

Balance and honor the light in you. Connect with your inner wisdom and intuition. Make space for reflection. Take time to sit in meditation, to journal, to walk in nature or simply dance in your living room to your favorite song. When you make space for your beauty, insight and gifts, you create magic for the world.

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