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Be beautiful art

Essential: adjective es·sen·tial \i-ˈsen(t)-shəl\ 1 - Of the utmost importance 2 - Being a substance that is not synthesized by by the body in a quantity sufficient for normal health and growth and must be obtained from the diet.

Our bodies are beautifully designed to naturally balance and find homeostasis. But sometimes they need a little help from some good old friends and that is where self care steps in. Part of self care is to get out of the bodies way, to clear a path and make space for it to do the subtle work of cleaning and cleansing. Another aspect is to supply the body with the things that it needs which it can’t produce itself - things like sunlight, a good night’s sleep, clean water, fresh air, natural foods, vitamins, minerals, long yummy hugs.

Self care is an essential component in your health and wellness. Self care is a nurturing. Self care is creative. Self care is an art form that needs a canvas - and that canvas is your life. Self care needs your time and attention - it is not optional.

If you think of your life as a beautiful work of art, what do you imagine creating? What is your vision? How do you choose to show up?

Your body is the canvas. Your intentions, words and actions are the brush. The pigments are the foods that you eat, the thoughts that you generate, the relationships you cultivate. The subject is your heart. The light is your soul.

Thoughtfully craft all that you ingest, digest and offer out into the world around you. Essentially, be beautiful art.

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