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Let go and radiate with beauty

Years ago, in my twenties, I visited an exotic clairvoyant who lived in an antique brownstone on a cobblestone street in the Village. It was a exquisite loft space with bookcases that traveled from floor to ceiling extending the height of the 2 floors. He told me things. Things that I did not understand. He told me that my greatest and most challenging lesson was to learn the lesson of letting go. At the time I was stunned into silence. How could this man who I had just met less than an hour earlier know me to the depths of my core? And then the years passed. I collected friends and memories. I shared, and I listened. It occurred to me that this was not a lesson unique to me! I was really just like so many of my soul mates here on earth - struggling bloody knuckled with holding on, and exhausted, nauseous with letting go. I made a fire today even though it is the first week of April, chilled to the bones from time spent at the sidelines of my sons soccer game. Lighting a fire is a ritual. It is earthy and creative and nourishing. It offers us material from which to invite ourselves home, home to our core, to go deep. The space, the dry wood, the flint (in my case old Swedish matches that belonged to my mother), the breath as we blow on the sparks. It creates a center, a heart from which the home radiates. It reminds us of the flesh and strength and courage in ourselves, and of the generations of families that we evolved from.

We go deep into our roots and feel their place in the earth, so that we can let go at the periphery. We remember who we are so that we can release all the things that are gone. We build fires so that we can dissolve into ether all the things that we no longer hold. We do this so that we can be more present, more available, more sure of what is in front of us - now. So that we can be more honest with ourselves, more grounded, more radiant, more pure. When we allow ourselves to burn away and let go, we radiate with transparent beauty in the present, inviting the the arrival of the new. This week make create a space to receive the incandescent beauty of the new. Breathe it in and soften into it's sweet freshness. Be grateful for the arrival of a new spring.

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