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The art of life

I carved off the thick elephantine yellow skin with my fingertips. I broke apart the chambers of blood orange flesh separated by clear fibrous tissue. The grapefruit was meaty and dense, juicy and sweet.

I stood at the counter gazing out my back window at the street behind my yard, sticky with sweet and sour citrus essence. A car drove slowly along the snow covered road as if in slow motion. It was a moment in time and I mused - if this was a movie what music would be playing in the background right now? What would the story be?

Art. When watching a movie, or studying a painting our attention is so concentrated, so pointed in the precise direction that the artist intends. Through his or her lens light is cast on all the little details, the camera focused in on the fleshy fruit, the pullback to the car driving, the soft lighting on the early morning snow, maybe a familiar song drifting somewhere in the background. We pay so much attention to these objects, colors, and movement when we are invited into movies, into art - but in our own lives? In our own lives we often cruise along on autopilot, our surroundings so familiar that we pass them not even noticing that the house on the corner that used to be yellow is now red, or the bagel shop put up a new awning, or even if our best friend cut their hair.

What if our lives were a work of art that we could give our attention to it as intently as we do a great book, a photograph or a riveting film? What if we were the director of our own story? With awe, with respect, with love, with passion.

What kind of story would it be?

Would you have a theme song?

How would you move through your day differently?

Pause for a moment and consider, what is the life you would create?

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