Green Goodness


Life = existence, capacity for growth

Designer = one who creates, one who realizes

Your life is a work of art, a dynamic expression of balance and energy. A holistic coaching program is an opportunity to align your energy and design your life from the inside out, to bring the intersection of our inner and outer environments into authenticity so that you can access more health physically and emotionally.


Your health is more than green juices and broccoli. It is a balance of your relationships, your work, your home, your diet and your self-care strategy. 


My health coaching program is practical lifestyle, health and diet support that is personalized based on individual goals. It integrates yoga asana, philosophy, breath work and meditation as support and inspiration. 


You will set goals and be accountable which will provide a foundation in which for you to make changes and establish new new habits. 


Deepen your connection. Develop a personal practice. Cultivate a healthy home lifestyle.


This is what it means to come home to yourself. 


Contact me HERE to learn more about my unique holistic coaching program and how it can light your way hOMe.