I am now partnering with KiraGrace as a Stylist for the Fall/Holiday 2017 collection.  KiraGrace is a sophisticated yoga and activewear line designed by women for women. They have a strong commitment to quality and ethical manufacturing. Their designs are a fusion of fashion and function, elegance with an edge.


I met the founder Kira Karmazin several years ago at yoga workshop at the Omega Institute. She was just getting ready to launch her first collection. Since then I have been wearing her designs both in and out of the yoga studio, and can say that when I wear KiraGrace I always feel amazing!


As a stylist I am part of a brand new program launched by KiraGrace in their commitment to empower women. Kira feels that women in community coming together to support each other create magic. The KiraGrace mission is "to celebrate women's beauty, strength and grace as they move through life's journeys."


Before starting a family I was a passionate fashion designer with a background in production and marketing.  As a yoga teacher and health coach I see every day how powerful physiology, movement, spirituality, meditation, and nutrition are for a balanced healthy lifestyle. But I also recognize that it is also just as important to feel beautiful, healthy, and comfortable in what you put on your body. 


It is my intention to see you to feel beautiful and confident on the inside, and on the outside!


As a stylist I am available to consult and guide you and your friends into the styles that will work best for your fitness routine and lifestyle.

Visit KiraGrace at my exclusive website link HERE or email me to learn more and to schedule a shopping event at your home.

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