SYJ Hour 

A fun morning vinyasa class with a healthy emphasis on alignment. You can expect Sun Salutations (A & B), moving through a creative sequence of poses, hip openers, shoulder openers, thigh stretching, twists, back bends, and forward folds. Breath awareness is emphasized.

A one hour class of flowing movement, breath and alignment. Warming up gently and carving through sun salutations before going deeper into, and rising up with strong asana, sometimes inversions and always Savasana. We do not use our body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into our body. All levels.

Slow Flow CT Challenge
This is a gentle flow class designed for those that are in cancer treatment, are recovering from treatment or are just looking for a gentle yoga class to improve balance, circulation and flexibility while at the same time relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system by connecting the spirit, the breath and the body.  All levels.

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